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Re: Latitude XT3 - Worth the wait?

I had purchsed the XT3 specically for running Win 8. I did not seem to have any trouble with the pre-release. I then purchased Win 8 Pro (64 bit) and and have installed 3 times (2 different hard drives) and the same problems come up. It runs okay while plugged into the AC adpter, but soon as I unplug it, the screen goes bannanas. Tech help was useless, as the XT3 is not tested with Win 8 and no hint of updating the the drivers for it. It runs fine with Win 7, so there is no hardware problems. I gave up and bought a HP Touchsmart that came with Win 8, no problems. The XT3 was a waste of money as far as I amconcerned, then again, I really don't care that much about Win 8.  It is alright for tablets, I guess. I have a Microsoft Surface that works okay.