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Re: Inspiron Duo docking station wont play BBC iPlayer or 4oD

You too should run the BBC test linked in one of the posts above, both docked and undocked and at varying times of the day. See is there any significant difference in the results between docked and undocked modes.

You should also make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed. And the latest version of Java. However if it were a flash player issue then I would expect that either it would not work at all when docked or iPlayer crashed when docked. However best to eliminate that possibility however remote it appears.

It seems to me that docking your laptop somehow interferes with the network, hence my suggestion of the BBC test.

You could also try switching off "Enable hardware acceleration" in flash player. This fixes video issues, I have never heard of it in the context of audio, but worth a shot.

Quite frankly I would also expect the video to drop out before the audio. So this is a bit of a mystery.


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