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RE: XPS 15 fan, on/off/on/off, gahhh!!!

Thanks. Well, among the many laptops that I have owned over the years, there were three models that never gave me the heating problems, and were reasonaly comfortable to keep in a "lap". for many hours 

They were: 

HP Probook 4330s

HP Probook 4340s, and

Toshiba Satellite L755-167

The HP Probooks were exceptionally cool, and the older one, 4330s was so simple for upgrading CPU or repaste. Just one pannel in the bottom, and you had everything in front of you. Literally a total of 5 screws to replace the CPU , in contrast to about 35 screws to get to the CPU in XPS15 L502X 🙂

Toshiba was probably just as complicated to get to the CPU as XPS15 L502X, but I never needed to open that one. 

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