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RE: XPS 15 fan, on/off/on/off, gahhh!!!

I see your point 🙂 Idle temperature on mine is also in 60's, and goes up to 80s with about 20-30% cpu usage, and sometimes touching 90's. That is after cleaning, and changing thermal paste. I don't play games, so never I don't think I ever used the CPU for more than 50%. 

I've done the cleaning part throughly, and unfortunately that didnt help in my case. Also tried the other solutions like changing Nvidia control panel settings (user defined with quality max), and setting the fan settings to passive instead of active., etc None of them helped so far. I rather put this quad core procesor in my Hp Probook, as that one is far more pleasant to use (if cpu swap works, i'll just have to try), except the *** matt screen :-). This laptop (L502X) is just not a "lap"-top. I'll see if I use it as a stationary computer on table, if not, this one goes to garbage after taking out the processor. Frankly, the only reason I kept it so far is beacuse of its excellent screen (I have the best one they offered back than). It is such a delight to watch movies on this one with head phones--so that I dont have the sickening fan noise 🙂

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