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Re: Dell Precision M6600, Optimus and DVI/Displayport not initialed at boot time

I have been considering purchasing a U2711 to use with my M6600 while docked with 2 smaller monitors side by side, judging by this thread its not possible with the E-port plus dock.

Why would you design a dock with so many display output options but then limit it to only 2? If this is "working as intended" im interested to know the reasoning behind this. It maybe possible to run extra monitors but if you have to change BIOS settings everytime you dock and undock, this is really a joke.

As a result I wont be purchasing a U2711 until there is a fix for this, and considering the lack of action by Dell on this, I doubt Id buy another Dell product.

Come on dell, is the email you sent me titled "You speak, we listen" just marketing hype or do you understand the importance of keeping return customers? Lets see some action if you do.

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