Re: Dell Precision M6600, Optimus and DVI/Displayport not initialed at boot time

Bill B just posted this on Ideastorm.  It matches my posts earlier in this thread, but brings up the fact that the VGA port is controlled via Intel HD and not Optimus.

What happens if you connect a VGA cable in addition to your DPort, HDMI or DVI cable? You may have to change the video input source on the monitor's OSD, but I think you can get pre-boot video that way.

Unfortunately we cannot enable a solution that pushes pre-boot video to the DPort, DVI or HDMI ports at this time, but we are investigating. The reason is the MUX controller is trying to push all video through the Nvidia GPU when Optimus is enabled. Until the Nvidia driver loads at boot, it won't display anything. However, the MUX will push all analog video signal to the VGA port and the Intel GPU. So VGA will display video pre-boot.


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