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Re: Dell Precision M6600, Optimus and DVI/Displayport not initialed at boot time

Same problem here with my brand new Latitude E6430 (with NVIDIA and Optimus), E-port plus and Dell U2711 connected by Displayport. When docked nothing will show on the external monitor until Windows starts. No chance to enter BIOS or use a startup password. I consider not being able to use a password (with a normal work flow) a security risk.

When I tried to disable Optimus in BIOS, the computer went in blue upon the next boot. No matter what I did I was not able to restore the system. So I had to install everything from scratch... 3-4 new drivers were installed automatically when the system started after the BIOS change - I assume that these drivers somehow have caused the problems.

I have used a lot of time trying to find a solution to this problem (and reinstalling my entire system). I am really disappointed - especially after reading this post (and others) showing that this problem has been known for such a long time. This is an issue that needs to be addressed and fixed!

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