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Re: Dell Precision M6600, Optimus and DVI/Displayport not initialed at boot time

Possible workaround. I have 2 DVI monitors hooked to the ePort replicator. Installed the driver with the laptop in the dock with the lid open.

My goal is to have the laptop closed driving both DVI monitors.

1.Disable optimums in BIOS

2.Go to website under drivers and have it detect your video card via Java.

3.Install Nvidia driver using Custom settings, choose clean install. (This will reboot twice during install) After the second reboot one monitor will start. 

4.Change your video card settings to drive both monitors.

(at this point i changed my power setting to "do nothing" when i closed the lid. Then i closed the lid and rebooted. It work on the monitors through the POST.)

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