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RE: Dell Precision M6600, Optimus and DVI/Displayport not initialed at boot time

Well, apparently no solution has been found til now...

I've just received brand new M4800 and I'm unable to send the picture via Display Port to the external display when the notebook is docked. What's interesting there is a dedicated option in the BIOS (ver. A07) in the "Video" section called "Enable dock Display Port through Integrated Graphics" but enabling it doesn't change a thing...

Still the only solution seems to be disabling Optimus, but that generates noise as the card heats up even during standard office work. Not to mention that working on battery with only nVidia enabled kills the machine way too quicly.

I really can't believe that this serious issue hasn't been properly fixed for years. And those are not budget laptops but high-end machines. This is unacceptable!

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