Re: There is no disk in the drive. Please insert disk into drive D:.


The applications mentioned above address various components of adware and spyware. Super Anti-Spyware is good for cleaning adware cookies, spyware, and some types if malware. CCleaner is a cleaner for temp folders, cookies, temporary internet files, etc..There are some current infections that move important files to temp folders. If you have that type of malware, using something such as CCleaner will delete those needed files. Therefore, we no longer clean temps at the beginning of malware removal procedures. If you find Ewido, please let me know. I thought they sold out to another vendor years ago. Perhaps I was wrong.

If you need additional help, and you think you have an infection it might be a good idea to post on the Malware Removal Forum. That forum uses volunteers who have gone through extensive training in malware removal. They will run numerous diagnostics to let you know if you have an infection, or whether your problem may be something such as a driver issue.  Please Read This Before Posting On the Malware Removal Forum

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