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Re: Latitude E6520 Audio Issues

I have similar problems with the audio on my E6520, at first I had drop outs in itunes that were very noticeable. Updating the NVIDIA drivers mostly solved this. It happens a lot when browsing the internet using the wireless adapter and playing music, so I updated the adapter drivers as well, it got better but not totally solved, although this does happen a lot with audio and certain wireless adapters.

The strangest part of this all is that there is that distortion and crackling sound all the time and the occasional crackle sound. I am an ex Audio Engineer and I can tell you that there is something not right with the built in audio of my machine, it may be a grounding issue, it may be I have some bad hardware I can't speculate as to whether or not this is happening on all E6520's but for me it is.

I have disabled the wireless adapter and noticed a slight improvement in the sound but still distorted and muffled. If you have the NVIDIA card make sure optimus is on in the bios and that the drivers are fully up to date.

I have been too busy to contact Dell about this, but I will contact them soon to find out what's going on. I have tested other laptops in the Dell family and they do not exhibit this behavior. I am surprised that I do not see more people posting about this but they probably just called Dell or are not having a problem at all.

I have read some issues with the 90watt power supplies and grounding so who knows if that has something to do with it. improper grounding can easily damage audio components again the lack of grounding is speculation and I cannot confirm it, what I can confirm is that I am also having trouble with audio on my Dell latitude E6520.

The most common problems with audio almost always come from wireless adapters and graphics cards, even ethernet adapters, so make sure all those drivers are fully up to date to get rid of the drop outs. I was able to at least stop the major crackles, pops and drop outs but the distortion is just strange and the irregular crackles seem to possibly be hardware related they do not sound like the average driver conflict to me.

I mean all you can really do to fix audio conflicts is, disable things one by one in device manager and test after each device is disabled, when you find the culprit update it's drivers to see if that resolves it, if it does your set if not try disabling your virus protection, try setting power to high performance and test again. Finally disable speedstep and c states and turbo and all that stuff in bios and try again. If none of that helps it is possibly a hardware issue that can only be resolved by replacing the audio interface or card or by replacing the actual graphics card or wireless card.

On desktops while it's a pain to have to do it it usually is pretty simple in the end, yet on a laptop it's not so easy, my guess is to replace the internal audio they would have to replace the whole motherboard.

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