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Re: Latitude E6520 Audio Issues

I had the same problem. Looks like there is broken audio driver from IDT. I found out a solution, at least it helped me.

1. Uninstall Audio Device driver and software in Device Manager (check box in uninstall windows)

2. Reboot Windows

3. Windows will install its own good driver.

before -        High Definition Audio Device CODEC

after -            High Definition Audio Device

Hopefully it will help.

Thank you! I just tried this and my problems are solved. In my case Windows just installed the same driver after reboot, I guess because I didn't delete it when uninstalling. No matter; the uninstall + reinstall did the trick. I guess the original installation was just bad.

Given how simple this fix was, it's strange that the driver update I did earlier didn't fix the problem. I would have expected it to do essentially the same thing.

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