Re: my laptop satrts too late


There are a lot of things that can slowdown the boot time on even a new system.  From the way it is configured in the BIOS, to software set to start when the system is booted to Windows.  One thing to try is to go into the system BIOS by starting the system by tapping F2 while starting the system. Look for an option to reset the BIOS to defaults then choose to save the changes and allow Windows to start.  

Once in Windows start msconfig, by clicking start, then accessories and then run and type in msconfig and press enter.  Click the services tab and check "hide all Microsoft services" then click disable all.  Click the startup tab and click disable all then click ok and allow the system to restart.

Then check to see if the system starts up any faster.  If so then you know it is the software that is slowing down the system. After that I suggest returning to msconfig and selecting normal mode.

At this point go over the software that is installed on the system and see if there is an option to keep the software from being loaded while Windows is started.  Limit the amount of software loading during boot can make a huge difference in the time it takes for the system to start.


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