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L502x sim card slot

Hi I bought a dell xps L502x laptop and there is a sim card slot under it's battery, How can i know there is the chip inside it?
and what network service (EDGE,3g, ..) does it support?

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Re: L502x sim card slot

How can i know there is the chip inside it?

You'd know because it is an OPTIONAL part and you would have had to pay an extra $125+ for it.

That's how you know.


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Re: L502x sim card slot

The SIM card won't be in the system -- that comes from whatever company you have your wireless data contact with.


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Re: L502x sim card slot

i make lot of search and drivers download and finally i found the answer myself..

1.u need to buy WWAN Card like the 1st image..

2.and connect the card to u'r laptop WWAN slot like 2nd image

3.and remove u'r battery. connect u'r sim card in the sim card slot..

4.install the 5540 hspa mini card driver http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19/DriverDetails/Product/xps-l502x?driverId=WGVYG&osCode=w...

5.dell mobile manager http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19/DriverDetails/Product/xps-l502x?driverId=38NT1&osCode=w...

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RE: L502x sim card slot

But in this case needs an antenna 3g too right. I thought about putting two of these:


or will it work only with the original dell staying at the back of the LCD screen (which is not installed on my DELL XPS L502X)



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