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Cannot use touchpad and keyboard simultaneously.

The touchpad on my E6410 does not work whilst an alphabetic key , such as "W" is pressed and held.

To reproduce the problem, open notepad.exe, then press and hold down the "W" key (or any of your favorite letters), while the "W" key is pressed, try moving the mouse pointer with your touchpad.

I saw a similar post with a completely unhelpful response, advising that you should buy an external mouse as a "workaround".

It is true that an external mouse will move while the key is held down, It is also true that other laptops, including older dell models will allow you to hold down the key and move the mouse at the same time. This is a common function in many programs, such as photo editing software, and video games (WASD key movement).

I have tried to disabling all of the gestures, tap to click, and hiding/not hiding the pointer while typing.

Win7 32 bit. E6410.Alps Touchpad.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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