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E6520 w/ XP - IDT Audio Control Panel

I just received an E6520 and out IT department installed XP on it.   I don't know what the audio driver looked like with Windows 7 on it, but the XP audio control panel I have now says "IDT Audio Control Panel" and the "Advanced" settings button does nothing.   There are only two radio buttons showing on the main page "Power" and "Miscellaneous".   There are no settings for equalization or HDMI or anything.   Even though I supposedly have the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC installed, there is nothing in this control panel that remotely suggests it is for an HD setup.  

When I look at the driver on a Dell Studio XPS running Windows 7, this control panel comes up titled "IDT HD Sound" and has all the settings I would expect for an HD system including setting for the HDMI port. 

Can anyone tell me if there is anyway to get the "Advanced" setting button to work on the control panel I have (to see if the setting I am seeking are there), or better yet, how I can get the "IDT HD Sound" control panel to come up under XP?

Thank you!  

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