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Any way to prevent "The AC power adapter type cannot be determined" message on XPS M1710? (AC adapter is properly plugged in)

I often get the following message between the "Dell" and "Windows" screens when I boot up my XPS M1710 while it's plugged in:

The AC power adapter type cannot be determined.  The system can only boot with a 130 W power adapter or greater.  Strike the F1 key to shutdown.  To resolve this issue, try to reseat the power adapter.

This message occurs when the AC adapter is fully and properly inserted, and it is the Dell AC adapter that came with my laptop.  Is there anything I can do (possibly a registry hack) to force the computer to boot instead of displaying this message?  After it gives me this message and I'm forced to press F1 to shut it down, it takes an extremely long time to get through the "Dell" screen on the ensuing boot (1 minute or so).  My battery holds so little charge that when this happens, I have to power the laptop on while it's plugged in, unplug it when the progress bar on the "Dell" screen has completed, then plug it back in when the "Windows" screen appears.

This is an old laptop and I will soon be getting a new one, so I'm not going to spend the money to buy a new AC adapter and/or battery for the XPS M1710, but I'd like to fix this problem if it can be done otherwise.


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