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Re: Any way to prevent "The AC power adapter type cannot be determined" message on XPS M1710? (AC adapter is properly plugged in)

Thanks everyone for the replies.  I pushed F2 to go into the setup, but instead of going there, it gave me the message about the AC adapter.  With the battery I was using, the battery light on the hinge continuously flashes three times in orange, then once in green while the laptop was plugged in.  I switched batteries, and with the new battery, the battery light does not illuminate at all until I wiggle the AC adapter plug in the laptop over and over again, at which point it will light up in green, and I can then power the system on and not get the message.  When I did this and pressed F2 to successfully go to the setup screen, it said AC Adapter = 130 W.  As for the BIOS version, it says BIOS Version = A06 (04/02/2007).

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