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Re: New Latitude E5500 BIOS A17

Just got through a troubleshooting session with Dell Tech support on the same issue and they didn't even get as far as downgrading the BIOS.  They wanted me to re-install the operating system and other foolishness that I knew would waste a considerable amount of time.  I kind wish they would acknowledge the issue, pull A17 off the update list, and provide accurate instructions to fix the problem.  I know the serial port is on the way out of the NEW computer world but some of us run mission critical systems that require a serial console connection.  Basically if you need a serial port on your laptop, you REALLY need a serial port on your laptop.  I know there are a number of adapters out there and the such but the simple fact remains for Dell -- There is a problem, there is a solution, and there are no cues for tech support or end-users to resolve the issue other than this end-user thread.

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