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Re: E6400 Windows 7 64bit missing driver

Hi can you please help me with this fingerprint reader installation? I install Windows 7 64 bit and that is the only unknown device. I tried tons of different driver - applications from (very confusing) dell site.

My service tag is:  <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy> Dell Latitude E6400

After installation and running MS update only one device remained unknown:

I found the driver here:


downloaded the CAB, unpacked and updated the driver from there, now i have everything recognised in device manager.

But now im stuck, no biometric device in control panel and i dont know now which application i have to install to have

finaly possibility to set up fingerprint reader on the windows boot 😞

I tried this package:


but can not scan fingerprint, not recognising when i try to input and gives error message very fast, i dont have time properly to

slide my finger and its no light (should be?) on reader or any sign of "life". Wizard jumps after choosing finger to error message.

Can please somebody help with this? What should i install? From where. I really dont understand, that despite of discovering

my service tag dell site offers bunch of drivers-applications, without explanation and multiply versions. Why can not be offered

exactly the needed and newest NECESSARY files-drivers?

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