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Need Windows 7 BootMgr file


I have a Dell Inspiron 14z laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium.

I had Ubuntu installed on another partition. But when I uninstalled it by formatting the Linux partition, I had to do a manual override to the BootMgr file to get rid of GRUB loader as Dell did not provide me with a CD/DVD for the Windows OS(using which otherwise I could have fixed using the Startup Repair option).

So, now it boots fine. But the problem is, when I hit F8 during boot for Advanced Boot options, I don't get the "Repair" or "Restore factory settings" option. I believe this is because I have manually copied the BootMgr file from another PC running Windows 7.

Could someone share me this BOOTMGR file copy? If you are able to see the "Restore factory settings" in your Advanced Boot Options(that you get by pressing F8 during boot), that is the copy I need. File should probably be located in C drive


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