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Re: Cursor jumping all over while typing on keyboard

I have a Dell Latitude laptop with the same issues. I've tried everything suggested several times and NONE of it works!! I've been on the phone with the company and they couldn't even understand the concept of the problem. This happened once before (the first out of 3 times this thing has had to have the operating system re-installed) and somehow I found a download that fixed the problem on this and several of my co-workers laptops (all the same). Sadly I don't remember who I spoke with (someone from dell?? seems unlikely since they are less than helpful) or what the download was. I might still have it if this thing hadn't crashed 3 times!!! If anyone has any idea what the download to correct this cursor problem PLEASE let me know. It takes at least twice as long to complete any emails, reports, letters, work in general because of this issue!! 

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