RE: erratic touchpad when AC charger is plugged

Hello, so I noticed the other replies, and maybe their solutions helped, but for anyone with this same problem that has not found an answer, & has Windows 10, try this:

1. Open Task Manager (right click bottom bar in a blank space - same bar that has the time - choose "Task Manager")

2. Under where you see "Processes" click "Name" to sort alphabetically.

3. Find a process called "Rich Video" or something like that (I didn't get a good look before ending it). Right click on it and "end task."

I have the original Dell adapter and had the same problem that you did. Only when I plugged it in would I get the erratic touch pad when using it. For some reason, ending that task stopped it. I just ended tasks till the erratic movements stopped and the "Rich Video" one was the one that seemed to do it. I looked up what it is, and apparently it's a normal part of Cyberlink, so it's probably not Malware, but I did see people complaining that it slows up your computer to almost a halt. That could be what was happening. I don't understand why the charger made any difference, but wanted to share what worked for me.

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