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RE: break key alternative

two and a half years later, this was very enlightening, but not so useful. I'm hoping you or someone else here can extend our communal wisdom. I am on a new dell xps 1820 with a wireless keyboard and Windows 8.1. When I follow your instructions all the way down the Registry, when I get to keyboard layout there is no pre-existing scancode map. I created a new binary, following your screenshot, and called it scancode map. But when I tried to enter the value under Data, the little window that popped up will not let me type in the string of numbers you gave us. After 10 or 12 spaces, it jumps down to a new line, and prepends that line with 0008. I cannot make a small 'e', they are always capitalized. 

Now what? Any ideas? 

By the way, once this does work, what happens to the pre-existing functionality of the F10 key? How does this change impact whatever software might have used it?


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