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Re: Wait for Ivy Bridge or buy current Dell XPS 15?

Wait for the new model and see if it fits your needs. It will be improved in many ways.

The CPU, intel Ivy Bridge, is cooler and draws less power than Sandy Bridge. That alone is a huge advantage for a notebook/ ultrabook in addition to the native USB 3.0 support. The GPU will most likely be from the new nVIDIA GeForce mobile series, as  the XPS tradition goes. The nVIDIA GeForce GT 630, GT 640 and GT 650 are the most likely GPUs to be featured in a new DELL XPS 15. The GT 640 is featured in the Acer M3 and is a very nice GPU:
With DELL quality screen, build and finish, this might turn out to be a really nice laptop!
I am waiting for it to be shown, because I have saved up money for a new laptop and I want a nice and sturdy machine.

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