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Re: Internal mic not working

All of a sudden my microphone did not work.

Hello. Was that the external mic? This has not come up in years but in my old notes I had written that the 640m did not have an internal mic. Back in those days most of the Dell laptops did not have them but some did and I tried to keep track, but I could have been mistaken about some of them. For the most part the manuals did not indicate it so I had to depend on information supplied by owners.

o I downgraded my OS to Vista 32 t

Did you follow the Dell order of installation? If not,

> download and install the Notebook System Software and restart.

> download and install the Intel Mobile Chipset Software and restart.

> re-install the Sigmatel R171788 audio driver and drivers of any other devices that don't work.

In Sound properties set a mic to be the default recording device. Open the Windows Sound Recorder and configure it for mic recording and then do a test.  Alternatively run the mic tests in Dell's PC Checkup.

If still not working it could be a hardware failure. Surely you no longer have the Dell Diagnostics on your hard drive but back then the laptops shipped with a Utility or Resources cd with the Diagnostics on it. The tests included a mic test for both internal and external mics. The difference between these tests and PC Checkup tests is that failure in Dell Diagnostics means a hardware failure, but in PC Checkup it could be software because it uses the installed drivers and Windows.

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