Re: (Dell Latitude E6400) Dell Control Point on Windows 7 64-bit


This is possibly the newest FAQ on Control point

Most 2011 models of Latitude, Optiplex and Precision systems should have Dell Control Point 1.4 preinstalled. Dell Control point is available via download at under the Control Point category.

Dell Control Point 1.4 is module-based software. Installation requires three main modules to be installed independent of each other. These are:

1)       System Manager (contains base DCP files, Power Manager and Display & Devices modules)

2)       Connection Manager

3)       Security Manager (contain both Security Manager and Embassy Security Center)

You can run DCP by just installing System Manager as it already has most of the essential tools like power settings, ambient light sensor and keyboard backlit configuration. However, for extended support on your connection, the Connection Manager is required for advanced networking too, and Security Manager is a shortcut portal to the Embassy Wave Suite security software.

Run the System Manager file first after these 3 files are downloaded. Once the setup is completed, restart the system and continue with the Connection Manager.

Current the file library is down, so i apologize for the lack of links leading to the needed drivers.  If you haven't tried already please take a look at, use your service tag and find the latest files for the System manager, Connection Manager and Security Manager and install them.  Please report back here if the problem continues.


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