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Re: low volume from n5110 in build speakers from yeasterday

Hello ashu_chd.

Please proceed with caution before updating the BIOS. A  failed BIOS update attempt can ruin or  "brick" your motherboard and the failure is not covered by your warranty.

Each new version of the BIOS comes with a "Fixes and Enhancements" section that lists which issues the new version addresses. I have looked at that section of every BIOS version for the N5110 -- there are about 8 or 9 versions. None address any audio issues at all so it is unlikely that a BIOS update can fix an audio issue on an N5110..

One of the most knowledgeable people on this forum is one of our Dell moderators, Chris_M, who says, "A Bios update should ONLY be done if you are correcting a specific issue." You do have a specific issue but it occurred suddenly. If your BIOS were the cause of your low audio then it would have been low all along. In my opinion it is unlikely that a BIOS update can fix a sudden audio problem on any model.

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