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Re: XPS 15 L502x fan noise

I'm an IT consultant with 15 years of experience, and have used almost all brands of laptops for personal and from company-provided and this Dell is a nice piece of equipment that is probably built with a bad batch of fans (from all the complaints I see on the web - no excuse, QA should be better) but I will never buy a Dell for personal use anymore because of the crappy consumer support model they have (here in Canada anyway).

I called their customer support for the fan noise and they asked me to describe the exact sound, they insisted that I was complaining about a fan speed noise and that my fan is constantly starting up because of programs loading the CPU/Mem but that was NOT my complaint. It was the crappy fan that sounds like it's gonna spin out of it's bearing on LOW speed.

The tech logged onto my computer remotely, installed some tools, asked me if I can make them hear the sound of the fan over the phone, asked me if I was hearing the fan noise when the speed of the fan was at Maximum but I kept mentioning that the fan noise, the cracking noise and the unbearable noise was when the fan ran on LOW speeds, and it disappeared when the fan went to a higher speed.

I'm a techie and I RARELY complain but when I know what I'm talking about and the support rep on the other end is just following a script without acknowledging that its their product has a bad part, I don't waste my time, I move on and take my business elsewhere.

I ended up letting this go because it was so time consuming and I did not think it was going anywhere. Now I live with this crappy fan cracking everyday and every time the fan makes the noise I reaffirm to myself that I'll never buy a Dell laptop again. I've had it for about 14months now and already thinking of selling it and buying another laptop because I can't stand the noise anymore.

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