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RE: Dell N5110 i7 Model Ram Upgrade

have a Dell N5110  INTEL with INTEL Graphics, i got new in 2013, installed A11 bios, was an i3, then installed an i5 , later installed an i7 they all work, moved up to windows 10 with 8GB of RAM from the 4 it cam with, lately i read that somebody installed Kingston HyperX memory 16GB and it worked, needed 8 GB of memory anyway for something else and i got Crucial CT102464BF160B, tried it in my Dell N5110 first, It Works. the Dell N5110 will do 16GB, tested, done it, you could probably use two 8GB Kingston HyperX also, but i know the Crucial works for sure, with mine the way it is anyway, could even be the same with a windows 10 i3, could try that but but i am not going to because i would have to take the whole computer apart, maybe some time if i get a chance, if you have an i3 or i5 you can try it and see if it works, i would say with windows 10 and A11 bios it probably would 

tried the 10600 (1333) it cam with, also the 128000s (1600) and the 14900s (1600) DDR3L, PC3L  they all work equally as well

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