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Re: Dell XPS 13 (ultrabook) Trackpad problems

DITTO!!!!!  I am having the same problem.  I love my XPS 13, but hate, HATE, this touch pad.  I've spent lots of time updating drivers and jacking with the setting trying to get this thning to work right.  Tap click is a nightmare on this machine and I would never recommend anyone buy one because of this problem.  My XPS draws attention and people are always saying, "Hey, cool laptop!  What is it?"  I am so frustrated with the touch pad that I can rarely tell them about the wonderful features of this computer because I am too busy telling them about the major problem with the touch pad.  Please, please, please Dell, please come up with a fix for this. I am glad Shahin posted because I thought it was just me having these problems.   I too do not want to return my computer, but wow, this is really becoming a problem.