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Re: DELL vostro 1550 audio driver problem

In the screen shot it says "Generic usb audio". Do you have a usb audio device connected to a usb port?

As far as a driver for the IDT internal audio system, as you know Dell does not support XP on the Vostro 1550, so there is not an IDT driver available for your system. Normally Windows would be able to install its own native HD audio driver but XP came out before HD audio did so there is no native HD driver in XP like there is in Vista and 7.

You could try installing random IDT XP drivers. If you get one to work please let us know which one. Be sure to have Service Pack 3 before trying to install HD drivers.

IDT for Vostro 3350 & 3550 (these have the same audio hardware as your Vostro 1550 so this one might work)


IDT 1.0.6402.0  for Precision laptops

IDT  for Studio 1555


IDT for Vostro 1320, 1520, 1720:


IDT for Vostro 3300 3400 3500 3700


IDT  for Vostro V130


Another idea is to let Windows go on the net and search for a driver. Your audio hardware is IDT 92HD87B1.

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