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Re: Dell 1545 Will Not Boot Into Recovery Partition


Thanks for the information, but in my original post, I stated that I could not boot into recovery, therefore, the link you provided me does me no good.  Maybe I should have asked my question in a different manner.

In the Dell boot configuration file, there seems to be the following, correct?

1. The Boot Manager which seems to boot from the Recovery Partition

2. A Boot Loader config that boots the Windows 7 OS

3. A Boot Loader config that boots the Windows Preinstallation Environment

4. A Boot Loader config that boots the ramdisk partition

5. Other configs

6. The Device Option config which identifies the \Recovery\WindowsRE\boot.sdi location, etc

I am simply asking someone to post their boot config file setup to ensure this one is setup properly.  Since you work for Dell, would you be willing to share the default boot config file setup for a Dell Inspiron 1545?

Also...3 days of trying to figure out this boot config myself and a very extensive web search, I have found another method of restoring the Dell factory image back to the laptop, without having to use the Windows 7 DVD, which is not included and most OEMs do not provide them by default anymore.

Here is how: Your recovery partition must be available. If you deleted your recovery partition, your out of luck

1. Create a bootable winpe with imagex disk using Windows Vista AIK

2. Boot your laptop from the disk

3. Format your OS drive

4. use imagex to apply the Dell factory image located x:\dell\image\factory.wim

Yes, it took me 3 FULL days to find this, but it works!  Not sure why OEMs just do not help their customers in situations like this.

PM me for through details to restore your Dell factory image if 1. You can not boot into the default recovery option and 2. Your recovery partition is still available.  

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