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Re: Dell 1545 Will Not Boot Into Recovery Partition

Dell uses its own MBR and as you wrote if it is  screwed up (maybe overwritten while trying to reinstall windows from DVD or an MBR-virus) you will loose access to the recovery partition.

There is a link to a webpage that shows up a possibility to recover your system - this link was once posted by ejn63-never tried it myself




To reinstall windows on an inspirion 1545 from scratch is pretty easy(I have one) and also has several advantages.Honestly this is the best thing to do - Even if you recover the system successfully you will have to install all windows updates like SP1 etc...


My advice - install from scratch,install all updates,install your friends favourite programs,make a backup using either free Macrium Reflect or Windows-built-in utility and your done with it.That's way better than to restore from an outdated recover partition....

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