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Re: Dell 1545 Will Not Boot Into Recovery Partition

Indeed I do!  I have over 10 years in IT, starting my career in desktop support, so it seems I learned a few tricks here and there.  Also, the information was extremely difficult to find.

Want to recover your factory image but can't boot into recovery mode?  Well here you go!

1. Download and burn this bootable WINPE image with imagex included ( )

2. Follow the instructions below, thanks to this link and  murthy511 for posting it:

Boot system using the same disk and follow the steps

1.     Check C: drive is recovery partition  by doing into C: and type dir

2.     if it is recovery partition(most probably, it will be),go to D: and check it is OS partition

3.     it is recovery partition(most probably, it will be), go to ESmiley Sadyour DVD drive)

4.     format D: drive   and

5.     type

imagex /apply c:\dell\image\factory.wim 1 d:

6.     wait until reaching 100 % (for me it took 6.32 minutes)

7.     type exit

And its really that simple!