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Re: Dell 1545 Will Not Boot Into Recovery Partition

Thanks very much! With this guide I managed to restore the factory image to my Inspiron 15R 5520 after an ill-fated attempt to install from a retail cd.

Ill just add some extra info where I had to deviate from the guide a little to get it to work:

1. If you get an error where it cant run the imagex command, make sure you are on the cd you are booting the WINPE image from in command prompt, NOT the X: drive which is a RAM drive. For me I had to run the following command:


imagex.exe /apply c:\dell\image\factory.wim 1 d:

This is because my cd was the F: drive, run through all the drives until you find your cd with imagex.exe on it.

2. When you have successfully imaged the Factory.wim you may get an error on the next bootup, for me it offered no options but a reboot and said contact administrator. To fix this I inserted a retail Windows 7 install disk (this can be obtained from the microsoft digitariver mirror) and chose the "Repair my Computer" option. It scanned for errors and detected a startup error and fixed. I was now in the factory image.

Thanks again and maybe dell could make an emergency disk to streamline this process, lots of people on google seem to have the same problem. (Intact recovery partition but no way of launching into it and restoring the factory image)