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Re: Dell 1545 Will Not Boot Into Recovery Partition


It was unbelievable to see the lack of available information online or assistance I received.  Just to know one person succeeded from this post makes me happy. But you are very much correct with your recommendation #1.  Steps 1 - 3 in the instructions I posted is basically saying, go through your drive letters and determine which one is the OS drive,  The last thing you want to do is format the System Recovery partition with your factory  I would be interested in knowing what the error message was that you got and had to fix with the Repair my Computer, just curious.

My last recommendation to anyone with a factory image available would be to give the system recovery partition a drive letter within Windows, navigate to the factory image drive_letter\dell\image\factory.wim and copy it to another source, like an external hard drive or your online storage.  Why? Because if you delete the recovery partition or if your hard drive goes bad, your factory image would no longer be available.  But as long as you have that image, locally or remotely, you will ALWAYS be able to restore back from it.

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