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Re: Cypress Touchpad driver XPS 15z Windows 8 (Workaround Solution)

You have a very confusing situation indeed.

Some thoughts are, did the touchpad EVER work after installing win8, particularly before you installed ANY other touchpad drivers?

If yes, perhaps a restore from your disk image is a way to quickly backtrack. If you didn't make an image after a clean install with the windows backup utility, then perhaps another totally clean install is a possible fix.

Those early cypress drivers for any model and particularly the ones for the 322x have caused me problems. When I tried the driver for the 322x model, the touchpad was actually totally broken and I had a yellow flag in the device manager ilst for the touchpad! Luckily, a driver uninstall brought it back. One possibility is that the 322x or other early version driver parts are still lurking around in your install.

I have not yet had a problem with drivers for the 321x, and actually find the most recent 321x driver much better than those offered up for the 15z.

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