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Re: Cypress Touchpad driver XPS 15z Windows 8 (Workaround Solution)

thank you again for all your help, but after fighting this thing I just gave up, wiped the drive and reinstalled win 7 pro.

Both during and after the installation, the touchpad worked 100% so I'm entirely convinced it is certainly not the hardware. (incidentally the touchpad also worked during installation of win8, but failed immediately after when actually inside the OS)

Windows 8 is great and this is a total shame. Shame mostly on dell for not being able to produce a simple freaking touchpad driver, but also shame on Microsoft for letting their hardware partners get away with <ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character removed as per TOU> like this.

Perhaps an upgrade from win7 -> win8 might work, but after all this garbage I'm not about to try again. 

I thank everyone who assisted once again, and perhaps I'll try again when win9 comes out. maybe by then dell will have a decent win8 driver (not holding my breath for that one)


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