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RE: Cypress Touchpad driver XPS 15z Windows 8 (Workaround Solution)

Out of curiosity SelArom, do you have the L511Z model of the 15Z? If you have a later model, it might not have a cypress touchpad at all, which could explain the problems.

huh, well... you may be on to something there. I looked at my device manager and for the touchpad I see this:


searching for that seems to suggest that it is a Synaptics Touchpad... is that a different device than Cypress (some of these companies are the same sometimes I wouldn't know...)

if they are not then I'm definitely pissed because under my device in drivers and downloads on dell it still lists the Cypress touchpad drivers...

if they are the same, then it appears I am screwed because the latest drivers linked here do not work for me...

thanks for the info!

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