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Dell Latitude E6420 wifi will not connect on wake

Hi all,

This must not be a prevalent problem because I tried searching the forum and there was not much to go on anyway here it is.

My system is a Dell E6420 with windows 7 Ultimate x64 all the latest drivers.

The problem started when I reformatted my laptop because of a RAM problem that caused the laptop to not boot.  I reinstalled windows  with all the drivers but started noticing that if the laptop was in sleep or hibernate when it woke the wifi would not connect until I did a right click troubleshoot and then it would connect fine.  I'm not sure what the problem is but it never did this before.

Also there is a something that I have noticed about the wifi card.  I had thought the laptop comes with DW1501 but when I look up the driver for E6420 with windows 7 x64 it came up with the DW1530 but when I look at the device manager it is the 1501.  So I'm not sure what happen but the driver for the DW1530 x64 was installed successfully, so I'm assuming it is ok. 

Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks

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