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Re: problems when just typing

hi allan, thanks for answering with some suggestive help mate, appreciate your time. the issue persists whenever i type, on any program, notepad, wordpad, browser etc.

results after following your thoughts,

after step 1. the issue still persists in notepad

after step 2. the issue still persists after i disabled the touch pad

after step 3. (boot in safe mode) the issue was resolved and typing returned to normal working order in all programes.

boot in safe mode done the trick allan and solved the problem. but after re-booting back to normal windows operation the issue has obviously returned. hope this might trigger something in your thoughts of whats causing the problem mate. fogive my time lapse between replies pal, i'm a night shift worker with no access to the net during my shifts and sleep most of the afternoon and evening. again, i appreciate your time.


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