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Re: problems when just typing

Good morning Allan,

-- Uninstalled Quickset & restarted the computer

-- Followed the download link to Dell

-- Selected the download at top of page

-- Dell QuickSet

-- Release Date: 5/30/2010

-- Version: 10.6.2, A04

-- File Name: R265152.exe

Downloaded and installed the version above, then restarted again. Once fully booted i tried typing in wordpad & notepad.

The same problem reoccured immediately.

I have disabled Quickset from starting for now, and typing has yet again returned to normal.

I wish i could remember exactly when this started Allan, as it may be conflicting with another program (just a thought), but at the time, i just thought it was a minor glitch that would probably sort itself out at the next startup,(it did'nt) and that was months ago now.

Thanks for your assistance and patience Allan,

Andy(Glasgow Boy)

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