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RE: E6420 windows 8 unable to enroll fingerprint data for windows login

thx for P3Sal, it WORKS!
really thx a lot (≧∇≦)/

but when i start, i got little bit confuse. so, in order other user can apply P3Sal solution let me give some screenshot d(-_^)
here we go :

1. Download all from P3Sal link. Open the CV_Setup_46KM0_A28_ZPE,exe the firmware

2. Click continue to extract the firmware installer to a folder.


3. After extract, u will got this. Just close the read me.

4. Open the extract location, klik folder "firmware"

5. Find file named "ushbip64.exe", just find it dont click. Go to next step.

6. Open Command Prompt / CMD Elevate Mode (Run As Administrator). In my case is Windows 8.

7. Go to your firmware folder path, and type "ushbip64.exe", press Enter to run the firmware installer.

8. You will got this, click Start to begin the instalation. In this picture, i already instal the firmware, so the text said "..from to".

8. Then after the instalation finish, now instal the Driver as P3Sal said. Double click "CV_Drv_Setup_8THGX_A10_64bit_ZPE.exe" the driver. Follow the step 😄

9. After the instalation finish, you will  see that Biometric Device icon in control panel. After I Click Manage Your Fingerprint Data in Biometric Device. And follow the step, i got this. After that, i try to logon using Fingerprint, and FOILA! It WORKS! 〜(^∇^〜)

Thx a lot to P3Sal for the solution <(_ _)>

Dell Latitude E6420

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