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Re: Fan constantly blowing in new Inspiron 15R

I just got an Inspiron 17 model 3721 (the brand new one) and I have the same noisy problem with the FAN.  BTW I had a lot of laptop in the past, and I never saw any doing such noise like this one.  The sound is VERY intrusive and much more louder thant the ambient noise.  

And it start just after Windows 8 finish his initial setup and never stoped.  So what I will do, for sure

1. Remove Windows 8 crappy OS, and replace it with Windows 7.

2. I will install (Speedfan) and monitor the temp and fan speed.

3. If the laptop will still do that noise, I will return it right back to Dell with a refund.  In 2013, such noise from a laptop fan is unacceptable, even for a 600$ laptop.  

BTW, everything is up 2 date, including bios.  I just now know that at full speed, this fan is very noisy.  

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