Dell Studio 1737 With Windows 7 Will Not Startup

So here's the issue:

My family has owned this laptop for awhile now; I'm not sure exactly how long, but long enough that the warranty is dead as disco. It's never had any real issues, other than the occasional freeze, program glitch, or overheating. That being said, I was surprised that an error like this would just suddenly appear. But here it is.

The computer was working completely alright for me until just this morning. My last contact with it was about 8 hours before, when I shut it down before going to bed. Everything was working well and good, my antivirus software silent, my internet business nothing out of the ordinary. However, when I tried to activate it this morning, an ominous black-and-white screen appeared, giving me the option to either "Start Windows Normally" or "Run Startup Repair". I selected the first bit, thinking nothing of this sudden oddity. I returned to the computer five minutes later, only to discover that, instead of the usual, welcoming log in screen, there was only an over-sized mouse pointer lying docilely on the default studio background (that quaint one with the hummingbird and the blue and green ribbons). I can move the strangely pixelized mouse, but that's about it. Control-alt-delete has no effect, and shutting the computer down manually, then using either option (Repair or Normal) brings me back to this screen. I've disconnected the battery, tried to boot in safe mode, done everything that my limited knowledge of software allows. Thus, I'm officially stuck.

Help a mate out?

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