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Problem Downloading Windows 7 drivers

I get a report that my product is not supported.  On reviewing my account info, I see the Dell Studio Laptop 1535 is correctly reported, but it seems my ID has changed.  Perhaps this happened when I set up my inquiry info through my new MacBook Pro instead of the computer with the new Windows 7 installation requiring new drivers.  How can I go about correcting this situation?  Thanks for any help.

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Re: Problem Downloading Windows 7 drivers

Hi jcc0743,

Windows 7 should install most of the drivers automatically. Dell Studio 1535 is not supported for Windows 7 however, I have found various thread confirming that Windows 7 works on Dell Studio 1535.

You can refer to the thread mentioned below:


Hope it helps.

Also, could you please let me know where exactly do you get the error message.

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Manshu S

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RE: Problem Downloading Windows 7 drivers

I hate to be redundant but windows 7 will not run on Dell Studio 1535? 

Thank you.

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