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Re: No video on E6420 screen prior to Windows 7 loading.

Thank you for the suggestion.  Here are the results: I shutdown the computer, waited a short while, held the D key, turned on power (continuing to hold the D key), and never saw anything on the monitor. However, as long as I held the D key, the machine would reboot every 20- to 30-seconds, so I'm not certain the BIST works properly on this machine, at least not with BIOS A16.  So, I powered it down and back up, not holding the D key, and it booted into Windows 7 without problem, other than I saw no post info on the screen prior to the OS loading.

To me the problem really appears to be the BIOS simply not outputting any video to the built-in screen on the laptop during POST or while in BIOS configuration, because the screen works fine once the OS begins to load.


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