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Re: No video on E6420 screen prior to Windows 7 loading.

A co-worker suggested I try using the FN-F8 key combination to see if that would help.  Here are the results:

As long as the external monitor is connected prior to turning on the power, the image displays there automatically.

I booted it up with the external monitor connected, saw the POST on the external monitor only, pressed F2, went into BIOS setup on the external monitor, then pressed Fn-F8, and the image switched to the onboard laptop screen.

So I powered down, disconnected the external monitor, powered on, pressed Fn-F8, and it did not cause the POST image to appear on the laptop screen.

Then I powered down/up with the external monitor disconnected, pressed F2 a bunch of times right after turning on power and, of course, no image displayed on the laptop screen, but I know it was in BIOS setup, because Windows did not load.  Then I connected the external monitor and pressed Fn-F8 and the BIOS setup displayed on the monitor, so it didn’t matter whether the monitor was connected prior to turning on the power.  I pressed Fn-F8 one more time and BIOS setup displayed on the laptop.

Still not resolved, but at least I now know that the laptop will display video onboard prior to the OS loading, nothing wrong with the screen itself.  I really think this is a problem within the new A16 BIOS, but I need someone else to test on another E6420.  Thanks,


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