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Re: My laptop won't let me log in!

Hi Scar_91,

Follow below mentioned steps which can resolve the issue:

Enable VGA mode:

Restart the computer and tap F8 on Dell logo and select “Enable VGA mode” and press enter. Check if the computer boots to Desktop..

System restore (Windows 7/Vista):

  1. Restart the computer.
  2. Tap <F8> during startup until the Windows Advanced Options menu appears. If the Windows Advanced Options menu does not appear, restart the computer, and try again.     Press the <Down Arrow> until Repair Your Computer is highlighted, and press <Enter>.
  3. In the System Recovery Options click to select your language, and click Next.
  4. In the System Recovery Options window, log in as a user with administrative rights, and click OK.
  5. Click System Restore.
  6. In the System Restore window, clck Next to display the most recent restore points in chronological order.
  7. Click the Show more restore points check box for a complete listing of restore points. Click to select a restore point.
  8. A good starting point is to attempt to restore from the most recent restore point. If this fails to correct the problem, and then try the next oldest restore point until the issue is resolved. Any software installed after the selected restore point needs to be reinstalled. Click Next and then Finish.

NOTE: With system restore you will not lose any data from the computer, any new programs installed in the computer you would need to reinstall the programs back on the computer

For reinstallation of windows 7, refer below link:

Note: Kindly backup data before reinstalling windows operating system.

Awaiting your response!

Thanks & Regards
Rajesh R
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